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Beware Of Sole Custody
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Beware Of Sole Custody Unless You’re Emotionally And Financially Prepared For It

While sole custody gives you the advantage of making all major life decisions for your children and minimizes interaction with your spouse, these benefits do not necessarily outweigh the disadvantages.

To begin with, if your spouse feels left out, it will provoke resentment. That will have a corrosive effect on future interactions between you and your children.

Next, the entire responsibility for the care and raising of your children is on you, which can be overwhelming and exhausting. If your kids are in the demanding young years, you’ll have little or no time for yourself. It makes it harder to move on with your life, and to develop new personal and professional opportunities.

The effect of all this can be psychologically debilitating, resulting in disorders like depression and aggravating emotional illness that may already exist. If you get sick, or start becoming increasingly short-tempered with your kids, it can open your custody arrangement to challenge. In that scenario, you may end up worse off than if you had pursued joint custody in the first place.

For these and other reasons, sole custody arrangements have a higher incidence of ending up back in court.

A warning, set forth best by an old proverb: Be careful what you ask for. You may get it.

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