Commercial Tenants’ Rights

Your commercial tenant rights in New York City are an important business asset.
Here’s how to protect them.

Dealing with commercial landlords in New York City is difficult under the best of conditions. A tough economy makes it even more challenging.

If you’re running a small business or are a self-employed professional, you can be vulnerable in dealing with your landlord. Commercial tenants do not have the same scope of protection in New York as residential leaseholders. That means you have to be exceptionally careful in protecting yourself. It’s best to avoid problems in the first place by having solid legal representation to support you.

That’s why you need an experienced tenants’ rights lawyer, who has successfully helped commercial leaseholders in disputes with their landlords. For over 30 years, attorney Jeff McAdams has represented all kinds of tenants and has consistently obtained excellent results. In his landlord-tenant practice, Jeff only defends tenants, and is completely dedicated to protecting their rights.

If you’re running a small business or professional practice, you need aggressive protection of your legal interests.

McAdams Law helps commercial tenants in New York City with these issues:

  • breach of lease disputes
  • lease negotiations
  • litigation
  • subleasing
  • usability of premises
  • evictions
  • lease violations
  • orders to stay eviction attempts (Yellowstone injunctions)
  • disputes related to improvements and fixtures
  • landlord’s obligation for services (air conditioning, working elevators, etc.)
  • landlord’s tortious interference with business activities
  • property damage
  • disputes about construction that interferes with business operations
  • drafting and review of leases, contracts and other documents
  • permits
  • appeals

Speak with Jeff McAdams about protecting your rights as a commercial tenant. You’ll get a brief initial telephone evaluation that is informative and entirely. There may be defenses, solutions or negotiated approaches to resolving your problems that can be faster and more efficient than you’d imagined. And you’ll feel 100% better just by getting a clearer sense of where you stand legally.

You can reach Jeff McAdams at 212-406-5145. Call now for your complimentary telephone evaluation.

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