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New York City Eviction Defense Lawyer For Tenants

If you have been warned of eviction from your apartment in New York City, there are a few important things you should know about your rights:

1. Eviction can only occur through the housing court. Your landlord DOES NOT have the right to evict you without proceeding through a formal legal process.

2. Only a martial or sheriff has the authority to change your door locks. If your landlord has locked you out with legal due process, they have broken the law.

3. It is not advisable to try to represent yourself when fighting an eviction through the courts. Your landlord will have an experienced attorney on their side. You cannot expect to know what may or may not be a valid legal claim they make against you.

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In Rental Rights Cases, The Best Informed Has The Best Chance Of Winning

If you are facing eviction from your apartment in New York City, your most important step is to understand the law. Call my office on Broadway. For over 30 years, I have been helping tenants understand their rights and protect themselves from landlords who think they hold all the legal power. I will review your case and explain your legal options.

Here are the most important things an experienced tenant rights litigation attorney will help you with:

  • Learn about your rights. Your landlord cannot evict you from your apartment without going through an extensive court process. I will be there every step of the way.
  • Build a solid argument based on facts: I will review your circumstances to determine the specific laws that apply to your case. A housing court judge will need clear legal reasons to temporarily halt the landlord’s attempts to get you out, and ultimately to decide in your favor.
  • Keep perception on your side: Judges and juries are people first. After all the facts are taken into consideration in a lawsuit, a swaying factor is that people tend to rule in favor of those they like. I will make sure to tell your story, to put a human face behind the facts.
  • Eviction defense make sure you are in it to win it: Landlords know that in many instances they can outspend tenants and wear them down. If it appears you’re willing to go the distance through trial, there will be a better chance of your landlord agreeing to settle.
  • Help you maintain your composure. When I stand up to fight for your case, the judge or jury won’t see me sweat. I have been in court hundreds of time, and I will make sure we maintain our composure throughout it all. A poor reaction can suggest a lack of credibility.

Court Is Like Chess — To Win, You Have To Anticipate Your Opponent’s Moves

Panicking about an eviction notice won’t help, calling my office will. I will begin working on a winning strategy immediately. With over three decades of housing court experience, I have seen every strategy landlords and their lawyers can come up with. By knowing what they will do next, I can often devise an effective strategy against it.

Contact Information To Discuss Your Landlord-Tenant Dispute

Call me at 212-257-9425 or use the email form to arrange a telephone evaluation to discuss your eviction notification right away.