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Divorce is devastating. If you are considering filing in New York City, or have already been served papers from your spouse, you deserve the right to rebuild your life, and reclaim the self-respect these very unpleasant circumstances may have damaged. To do that effectively, you’ll need the help of a skillful and compassionate New York divorce lawyer.

I am matrimonial law attorney Jeff McAdams, in New York City. I am committed to helping you navigate the divorce process in a way that preserves your financial integrity, protects your children and retains your personal dignity.

Over many years of experience in handling matrimonial cases, I have developed a winning approach to helping clients divorce intelligently and move on to a better future.

Brash Action Is Often Unnecessary And Laden With Hidden Costs And Dangers

Unlike many overly zealous divorce lawyers, I aggressively protect each client, yet work hard to avoid escalating conflicts, which often expose clients to the exorbitant costs of unnecessary litigation. In my practice, I apply some simple, yet powerful, philosophical principles, including “negotiate if you can, fight if you have to.” That means you can save money, and have a better, more comfortable financial future, instead of making divorce lawyers rich.

I will guide you through every component of contested or uncontested collaborative divorce, as well as post-divorce family law concerns, including:

  • Negotiating, drafting a separation agreement or temporary order
  • Negotiating a livable budget during separation and negotiating spousal maintenance
  • Obtaining and reviewing financial records for an equitable distribution of marital property
  • Financial and asset investigation, tracing hidden assets, property valuation
  • Valuation and fair division of qualified retirement accounts, 401(k), pension plans and IRAs
  • Fair calculation and division of family debt
  • Child custody and parenting issues, domestic violence concerns, orders of protection
  • Child support and enforcement, child health care coverage and future education expenses
  • Noncustodial parent visitation rights, grandparent and extended family visitation time
  • Interstate and international custody disputes
  • Marital real estate, allocating remaining mortgage debt, protecting rent-regulated leases
  • Post-divorce modifications of support orders and visitation schedules
  • And all other disputes and issues arising from the dissolution of marriage

Friendship And Civility Disappear When The Prospect Of Gain Is At Hand

Matrimonial Law

After several years of marriage, you wouldn’t think your spouse would try to cheat you in divorce, would you? But that is often exactly what happens. Hiding income and assets is a common strategy to avoid equitable property distribution or to make sure alimony will be awarded. If you’re going to maximize your security and come out with your resources intact, you’ll need an astute attorney who can combat any fraud your spouse perpetrates against you.

Case Example Of Why You Need The Right Divorce Lawyer On Your Side

Here’s a case example in which I helped the mother of a 10-year-old daughter by exposing her spouse’s deception. She won concessions that completely changed the direction of their lives, and set a new course for a better future.

The client was initially receiving only $350 a month in child support from her ex-spouse, under a prior divorce settlement. I took over her case after she discovered her former husband declared in excess of $300,000 annual income from his international commodities exchange business. I fought aggressively for an increase in the man’s child support obligation, successfully challenging his “explanation” for why the company went out of business.

The end result: The husband agreed to pay all attorney fees, the child’s private education through high school, college, and graduate school, and to increase his monthly child support payments by a multiple of five.

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