How do you get the best possible
legal result for a reasonable fee?

You hire an attorney who’s 100% committed to your best interests, with a proven background of success in winning cases efficiently.

New York attorney Jeff McAdams is dedicated to each client and has a 20-year stellar track record of results. That means you can resolve your legal issues more quickly, gain stronger protection of your rights, and may save a significant sum of money in the process.

Satisfied clients are impressed with the results McAdams gets for them. Here’s what one of them recently said:

…a consummate attorney, attentive to his clients' concerns, impeccably accurate and well studied in his advice…creative in resolving difficult matters before him.

Ronald Illardo, New York City

McAdams Law handles Landlord Tenant, Matrimonial, Family Law and Real Estate cases. You can learn more about Jeff McAdams’ powerful approach to winning cases through his informative series of Special Reports. Each one details a broad array of practical strategies for guarding your legal interests. New releases include:

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Why clients feel safe having Jeff McAdams represent them,
and are confident in his ability to get superior results.

Clients repeatedly say McAdams has a rare combination of qualities: sensitivity to individual needs and aggressive protection of their rights. He knows that when fighting against formidable opponents, even affluent clientele have limited resources for costly litigation. McAdams helps each clients zero in on the best possible outcome, and then develops a strategy that can achieve excellent results as fast and economically as possible.

When you’re facing a serious legal problem, you want it resolved quickly and effectively. If you’re dealing with an infuriatingly difficult landlord, facing a devastating divorce, struggling with a family law issue or involved in a real estate transaction, you’ll get sophisticated, attentive and reliable representation from McAdams Law.

Here’s a recent success story in which Jeff helped a client who was treated in an outrageously illegal manner by an unscrupulous landlord:

The landlord removed the joists under the floors in the client’s apartment, and replaced them with defective brackets. The floors began to sag. Cracks developed that were literally large enough for the client to see through to the apartment below. Conditions were very unsafe. McAdams Law sued and forced the landlord to give a substantial rent reduction, to pay attorney’s fees, and to move his clients to a safe building while they repaired the floors.

This is what another client said about Jeff McAdams:

…he worked conscientiously and thoroughly on my case. Ultimately we achieved successful outcomes… Not only is Mr. McAdams an extremely professional and effective attorney, but he is also a caring person. Mr. McAdams never treated me like just another client with legal problems, he took my best interests to heart. No matter how busy, he found time to take my phone calls, discuss developments in my case and reassure me. I never felt like I was facing my legal problems alone. To this day I am grateful to Mr. McAdams for what he did for me.

Shaun Cooper, New York City

Imagine how much better you’ll feel knowing you have this kind of representation.

Will there be a successful outcome to the
legal problem you’re facing right now?

Call now for a free consultation to learn more at 212-406-5145. McAdams often takes on the most difficult cases, and has a documented history of restoring people’s rights. Here’s a case in which he helped a woman caught up in a horrendous web of negative circumstances, and saved her from a terrible fate. Family and criminal law issues were involved:

Jeff represented a mother whose husband kidnapped their children and held them for ransom. He was a drug dealer, and told her he would only return them if she transported a shipment of narcotics for him. In desperation she agreed, and moved the drugs out-of-state. She got caught, then jumped bail and was a fugitive for seven years. At the time McAdams Law took the case, she had been re-arrested on a federal warrant, and was facing a potential sentence of over forty years in Federal Prison. Jeff made an impassioned argument to the Court, explaining her family history and motivation to recover her children. The result: the judge reduced her sentence to just six months of house arrest and five years on probation.

The firm’s offices are conveniently located in lower Manhattan at 305 Broadway, within easy access to all bus and subway lines.

Call McAdams Law today for a FREE initial telephone consultation. Learn about rights you may have and not even be aware of. You can reach Jeff McAdams at 212-406-5145.

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