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Posts tagged "Landlord-Tenant Disputes"

In New York, when can landlords enter a tenant's home?

It can be tough to be a renter in New York. This is because landlords experience a lot of concern about destructive or illegal activities occurring on their property. This concern is understandable, but it does not give them carte blanche to invade the privacy of their tenants on an unreasonable and persistent basis.

You have rights if your landlord does not maintain services

If you live in a rent-controlled dwelling in New York, you probably appreciate knowing that your rent will remain affordable throughout your tenancy. You may be wary of engaging in any kind of landlord-tenant dispute with the property owner because you want to keep your residence. We understand how you might not want to "rock the boat," but we also want to make sure you and others like you are aware of your rights.

Are you an immigrant victimized by housing discrimination?

Landlord-tenant disputes in New York come in many forms. One of the most tragic of these forms is housing discrimination based on one's immigration status. What many immigrants do not know is that it is illegal for landlords to discriminate against them in any manner. This blog post will address important housing discrimination elements for those who think they do not have protection in the United States.

Thousands of New York renters are going without heat, hot water

When brutally cold temperatures hit New York City, as they have this winter, renters are at the mercy of their landlords for their comfort and safety. The city has received some 22,000 complaints from New Yorkers about lack of heat or hot water.

Landlord-tenant disputes and subletting a New York apartment

Many tenants in a New York apartment want to sublet the residence. For example, when residents must leave town for an extended period they may choose to sublet the residence in order to hold on to it. Many leases contain a clause stating that the tenant may not sublet the apartment. However, the law says that you have the right to sublet in certain situations even if the lease says that you may not.

How you might end up on a New York tenant blacklist

If your name finds its way onto one of the many tenant blacklists for New York, you may have a great amount of trouble renting a home. Even worse, you probably do not even know you have been blacklisted. All you know is that no one wants to rent you a home and you have no idea why. If you have never experienced a truly contentious landlord-tenant dispute, your inability to find a new home is even more perplexing.

New York slumlord must pay $8 million to former tenants

The presence of slumlords in a large metropolis like New York is an unpleasant fact. For people living in rent-stabilized apartments, landlord-tenant disputes are commonplace when a landlord is disreputable. Often, these landlords will engage in unethical or outright illegal activities in an attempt to push out the current residents. By getting the renters to leave, landlords will be free to move in new residents and collect a greater amount of rent.

Tenant rights to habitability and repairs in New York

New York tenants are entitled to basic rights surrounding the quality of their living conditions, as laid out in the Warranty of Habitability. This warranty guarantees all tenants to a residence that is livable, safe and sanitary. This right applies to all rental leases, regardless of whether they are written or oral. In addition, if your landlord includes a stipulation in their lease that contradicts this policy, that condition is invalid under the law.