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Landlord-Tenant Disputes Archives

New York landlord accused of pushing out tenants

There are many rights and protections that tenants have regardless of what is written in a lease. These rights ensure that landlords must keep the utilities on and the building in good repair and also protects tenants from harassment from the landlord. Another protection is that if the tenants live in a rent stabilized building that rent cannot be raised more than what is allowed by law. However, if a tenant moves out, the landlord does have more freedom to raise rent.

Certain provisions in a lease are void and unenforceable

Anytime that a New Yorker enters into a contract, there will be terms that they like and terms they do not like. Most contract negotiations result with the people entering into the contract compromising to make it work. However, there are some situations when people enter into contracts out of necessity and feel like they just need to accept the terms from the other party to get what they want. One situation where this occurs is in employment contracts when people really need the job. Another is when people enter into a lease.

Rules regarding apartment sharing in New York

People in New York have many different living situations and family situations. Sometimes family members or friends are in between apartments or one needs to have family members or friends live with them in order to take care of them. Sometimes situations also arise quickly and there is not always time to change a lease or find a new one. People need to be able to have their friends and family live with them from time to time.

Why tenants' associations can be important for tenants

There are many situations in New York and society in general when one person or a small group of people govern over or control a particular part of the majorities' lives. This could be in the employment setting when a boss or a group of bosses set the rules for the workers, which could include pay, working conditions, benefits and other parts of the job. Generally if one employee speaks up to try and improve the conditions for the employees, the complaints will fall on deaf ears. This is precisely why unions were started, there is strength in numbers.

Proposed bill further protects immigrant tenants from harassment

Many immigrants live in New York City and just like other residents in the city, they need a place to live. So, they rent apartments from landlords throughout the city. These tenants have the same rights as other tenants and those are protected by law. However, this does not change the fact that some landlords will do whatever they can to make extra money. This could include harassing immigrant tenants and making threats to report them to the authorities.

Differences between commercial and residential leases

In New York there are many property owners, but there are many more people who are renting from these property owners. This includes both people who are renting apartments or other types of homes and businesses who rent space to run their business. The purposes for renting vary drastically between a business owner and a person renting an apartment to use as their home.

New York landlord ranked worst in 2017 for a number of issues

People in New York understand that many of the apartment buildings in the city are old and will need repair from time to time, but they expect the repairs to be made. They expect that if they pay rent on time the landlord will keep the building and their apartments in good repair. However, this does not always occur. This oftentimes leads to landlord-tenant disputes, since the tenants may not have any other options.

Legal process for non-payment of rent eviction cases

There are many people in New York who rent apartments or other types of rental properties. When people begin to rent an apartment, they generally sign a lease agreement with the landlord. This agreement is a legally binding contract and the tenant is required to perform their obligations and the landlord is required to perform their obligations. If either one does not do this, there may be a landlord-tenant dispute and they may end up in housing court.

Landlords cannot dispose of tenants' property after eviction

There are many tenants who are evicted from their apartments each year in New York. There are many reasons for these evictions, some are legal and some are not. The most common reason is for non-payment of rent. The most basic principle of the lease is that the tenant pays the landlord rent in exchange for use of the apartment. If they do not, the landlord has the right to evict them. But, the tenant does have some protections and the landlord must go through the legal process in order to actually evict the tenant.

Tenants' right to recover legal fees in a landlord/tenant dispute

There are many different universal rules that govern the landlord/tenant relationship. However, much of the relationship is governed by the lease agreement. This includes what amenities landlords will provide, when rent is due and the amount of rent, the length of the lease, rules regarding terminating the lease and renewing the lease and many others. There are also usually provisions that state what rights the landlord has if a tenant violates the lease and the landlord is forced to take legal action against them in a landlord/tenant dispute.

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