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Renters' rights when exposed to toxic mold

Many people living in New York rent homes or apartments, and many times, complications with landlords can make living situations difficult. As a renter, it is particularly important for you to be aware of your rights and how to protect them in the event that you need to confront the inappropriate actions or negligence of your landlord. 

What are your rights as a disabled tenant?

If you have physical disabilities, finding housing that works for your specific issues and abilities can be complicated. Despite what some New York landlords think, there are certain laws in place that protect the rights and interests of disabled tenants. You may find it necessary to fight for your interests and your right to live in certain properties. 

Do you know about 'succession rights' here in New York City?

Location, location, location. That's the Realtors' motto and people who rent in New York City understand this real estate concept better than most. Many of the city's apartments are rent-controlled or rent-stabilized. If you have a family member who lives in one of these apartments who dies, you may have "succession rights."

Breaking your lease after suffering a disability

It is not often that one can predict when a disability will occur. In fact, a debilitating disease or accident often comes along suddenly, leaving you confused and frustrated as you try to wrap your head around your new reality. One of the factors you may be facing is how to break the lease on your apartment if your illness or injury has made it impossible for you to continue living there.

Can my landlord evict me and my emotional support animal?

After struggling for years with mental illness or emotional issues, you probably thought you were destined to live the rest of your life alone and suffering. As difficult as it may be to explain your circumstances, you know that others struggle to understand what you are going through. You may have a psychiatrist or counselor to talk to, but sometimes what you really need is someone to support and comfort you when your condition becomes overwhelming.

My landlord is trying to evict me. Can I fight back?

It is difficult to find property to rent in New York. Prices are high, availability is low and the entire home-search process can be stressful. It's not easy to find a place to live in the city, and for this reason, it can come as a shock when your landlord tries to evict you from your rented home.

What is J-51 and how will it affect my rent?

Renters should be aware of how the J-51 tax exemption and abatement can affect their rent. J-51 is a property tax benefit for landlords who renovate apartment buildings. If you noticed that your landlord made updates to your building or installed a new boiler, then they may be seeking J-51 tax breaks. Additionally, landlords who convert nonresidential buildings into multi-apartment dwellings can also qualify for J-51.