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What you need to know if served eviction papers

When a New York landlord serves a tenant with eviction papers, the tenant may feel that he or she is powerless to do anything about the situation. No matter the details of your current situation and the attempt to evict you from your current rented habitation, you still have rights. Even though you do not own the property, there are limits to what your landlord can and cannot do. 

It is within your best interests to know your rights in the event that you receive eviction papers. First, your landlord must have valid grounds to evict you. If there are no valid grounds or you experience a violation of your rights in any way, you may have cause to fight back and seek to protect your interests.

How can my landlord evict me?

There are various reasons that qualify as valid grounds to evict a tenant. Some of the most common include:

  • Participating in or allowing criminal activity to take place on the property
  • Allowing animals or people to live on the property without permission or in direct contradiction to established rules
  • Failing to pay rent in an appropriate amount of time

Even if there are what some may consider valid grounds to evict you from the property, that does not mean that your landlord can simply come into your home and demand that you leave immediately. There is a process to eviction that every landlord must follow.

What should I do after getting eviction papers?

Before eviction, the landlord must provide the tenant with appropriate notice. At this point, you have the right to push back against any claims made against you, and some tenants may find it useful to secure the assistance of an experienced attorney. This may include catching up on missed rent payments or presenting evidence that supports your right to remain in the rented property.

If the court agrees with the paperwork filed by your landlord, he or she may ask you to leave voluntarily. Refusal to leave could lead to the involvement of local law enforcement.

Renters' rights

Landlord-tenant laws are complex, and receiving notice of eviction can be scary and overwhelming. You do not have to face it alone. You are entitled to protect your rights as a renter and seek a beneficial outcome to your situation. The thought of losing your home is a daunting prospect, but there are ways you can defend yourself against unlawful eviction efforts.

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