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Protecting tenants' rights against powerful landlords

New York has a large amount of rental properties and apartments. Many, many people rent their homes and it is a way of life for these people. These apartment buildings are operated by landlords, who run these as their business. These apartment buildings are how they make their money. Therefore, they have many incentives to bend or break the rules in order to make more money.

This is especially true because there are still many rent controlled and rent stabilized apartments in New York, which cap what landlords can charge for rent. However, the way that the laws are written, they can start charging more when a person vacates an apartment. This is another reason that landlords have incentives to break leases or get their tenants to break them or leave.

There are a number of ways they may go about doing this, such as not making repairs, or doing construction projects which make the living conditions miserable. Some of them also may outright illegally evict a tenant. All of these actions are illegal and tenants do have rights to ensure they do not happen. The problem is that most tenants do not understand their rights. Landlords do this as their business though and are well aware of not only the rules, but more importantly how the housing court system works.

This puts tenants in New York in a very difficult position and in many instances they are at a disadvantage from the start. That is why it is so important for tenants to know their rights and make sure they are protected. At McAdams Law we are dedicated to helping tenants through the process and try to protect their rights. We know the law and have stood up to many landlords in our practice. For more information on how we handle landlord/tenant disputes please visit our landlord/tenant page on our website.

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