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October 2017 Archives

What are tenants' rights to security deposits in New York?

At the start of a lease, most people in New York do two things: sign a lease and give a security deposit to the landlord. Then, throughout the lease term, the landlord expects that the tenant will pay rent each month. The tenant expects that the landlord keeps the utilities on, that they have heat, hot water and the doors are secure. Sometimes these things do not occur though, and can lead to landlord-tenant disputes during the course of the lease.

Protecting tenants' rights against powerful landlords

New York has a large amount of rental properties and apartments. Many, many people rent their homes and it is a way of life for these people. These apartment buildings are operated by landlords, who run these as their business. These apartment buildings are how they make their money. Therefore, they have many incentives to bend or break the rules in order to make more money.

What you need to know if served eviction papers

When a New York landlord serves a tenant with eviction papers, the tenant may feel that he or she is powerless to do anything about the situation. No matter the details of your current situation and the attempt to evict you from your current rented habitation, you still have rights. Even though you do not own the property, there are limits to what your landlord can and cannot do. 

Realty management company pays major fines for violations

From time to time things break down for people in New York. People understand this happens and when it does most people want to ensure those things are fixed or replaced. If it is personal property, the person is responsible for doing this. However, if there is something wrong in the person's apartment or in the apartment building, the expectation is that the landlord will fix or replace the problem. If fact, there are certain things that the landlord is legally responsible for fixing.

Remedies for victims of illusory subleases in New York

Renting apartments in New York is a business for landlords. This is generally how they make their living. As in any business there are always people who try to make an extra buck by cutting costs or attempting to take advantage of others. Landlords are not different. Many of them follow the rules and provide fine places for people to live, but there are others who are simply trying to make extra money even if it means that they are breaking rules and ultimately taking advantage of tenants. This leads to landlord/tenant disputes.

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