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September 2017 Archives

Can victims of domestic violence terminate a lease?

People tend to rent apartments with significant others and family members in New York. Family members and significant others get into arguments and fights from time to time. Most of the time these fights or arguments are verbal in nature. However, sometimes, these fights turn violent and one person ends up being the victim of domestic violence. If people are the victims of domestic violence, ensuring their safety is usually their top concern.

When is a landlord liable for threats to your personal safety?

Renting property in New York City can be a long and challenging process. As a tenant of a rented property, you know that you still have rights even though you do not own the property. However, you may be unaware of what those rights entail. If you believe that your safety is at risk or you suffered physical harm because of the action or inaction of your landlord, you may have the right to seek legal recourse. 

Landlords are required to provide safety devices for tenants

One place that people in New York expect to be safe is in their own apartments or apartment buildings. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes there are fires or an unauthorized individual enters the building and robs someone or assaults them in some way. This should never happen and while sometimes there is nothing anyone can do to prevent these bad things from happening, there are certain safety precautions that people can take to prevent them from happening.

New law recognizes tenants' need for lawyers in housing court

There are many rules in New York that are meant to protect tenants' rights and protect them from abuse from landlords. However, many tenants do not know their rights or what landlords can and cannot do to tenants. Also, many are unaware of certain services that landlords are required to provide to tenants. Most importantly many tenants do not know what they can do when they receive an eviction notice or find themselves in a landlord-tenant dispute.

What are the landlord-tenant rules without a current lease?

There are many different types of lease agreements in New York. There are some things that all leases cannot legally do and there are certain tenant protections regardless of what a lease states. However, leases vary in length, renewal process, amount of rent, termination process and other terms governing the landlord/tenant relationship and potential landlord-tenant disputes. If it is a rent stabilized housing unit, there must be a current lease, but this is not true if the building is not rent stabilized.

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