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New York City landlord admits to illegal evictions

This blog recently discussed the eviction process and the laws and rules landlords must follow to evict tenants, as well as the rights tenants have and what they can do in response to eviction proceedings. A recent case highlights the limits placed on landlords regarding the eviction process for the protection of renters and the security of their home and living situation.

A New York City landlord recently admitted to pushing tenants in rent-regulated apartments out of their homes. The landlord and his corporation recently pleaded guilty to three counts of unlawfully evicting rent stabilized tenants in a rent-regulated building. According to the state's Attorney General, the landlord turned off heat and used threats of demolition to drive the tenants from the rent-regulated building.

A collaboration between state and city agencies in the form of the Tenant Harassment Prevention Task Force was responsible for the arrest of the landlord for conducting illegal evictions. There are a variety of legal protections available to tenants who are faced with the threat of eviction. There are procedures landlords must follow and requirements placed upon them to help keep tenants in their homes in the face of an illegal eviction. When a landlord has pursued an eviction process that is not legal, renters can call upon legal options to help with an illegal eviction.

Many different legal protections, including civil protections, are available to renters in New York to protect them from the illegal actions of landlords. It is important for renters to be familiar with their rights and the myriad legal resources available to protect them from the capricious actions of landlords.

Source: U.S. News and World Report, "NYC Landlord Pleads Guilty in Illegal-Eviction Case," June 20, 2017

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