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April 2017 Archives

Terms you should request before signing a lease

It is often believed that landlords have significant power over their tenants when it comes to rental property. As the owner of the property, the landlord can make decisions, but must still make sure that the decisions do not violate the terms designated in the rental agreement. There are a few things that a renter could request in the rental agreement to help make certain that they are not taken advantage of after the agreement is signed.

Landlord accused of multiple violations, says tenants

It feels like every day we hear of another instance of a landlord taking advantage of a tenant. Upon first glance, it may appear that landlords have the upper hand when it comes to these negotiations and, unfortunately, many landlords, in an effort to make more money, take advantage of their tenants and try to bully or bribe them into accepting undesirable or illegal conditions.

Can you move out before your lease has ended?

People cannot plan for everything. You may find yourself in a situation in which you need to move out of your apartment early, even though your lease has not ended yet. Can you do this? It is possible, but you need to be careful about how you proceed to avoid legal trouble.

NY Supreme Court ruling helps keep rent costs in check

A recent ruling was made by New York Supreme Court Judge Debra James regarding a suit filed by the Rent Stabilization Association, which represents owners of approximately one million apartments in New York. The association went to court against the Rent Guidelines Board, who had stopped rent increases two years in a row.

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