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Start a 7A Proceeding

If the conditions in your building are horrendous and the landlord has been egregiously negligent in addressing them, you may want to consider initiating a 7A proceeding. This is an action in which you ask the Court to remove control of the building from the landlord. A Court-appointed administrator is then assigned to make the necessary repairs and manage the property. You'll need to have at least one-third of the building's tenants participate in making the request. In this instance, it pays to organize a Tenants' Association, since if the conditions are extremely bad, you probably will be considering a rent strike as part of your legal strategy to enforce your rights. However, once a 7A administrator is appointed, tenants have to pay full rent - there aren't any rent reductions for bad conditions because all funds collected will be used for repairs. From a practical perspective, each building's situation needs to be individually evaluated to see whether it's best to pursue rent reductions and a court order forcing necessary repairs, or getting a 7A administrator involved. 

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