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Letters and E-mail with Proof of Sending

When you need to communicate with an unresponsive landlord to make requests or document facts, it's best to follow up on conversations with standard paper letters, in addition to e-mail. You can send letters by certified mail, or with a "certificate of mailing" from the post office. In court, your position is stronger when you show that you gave notice as quickly as possible and sent reminders by every means available, including speaking in person, by telephone, sending electronically, and delivering by mail. Maintain a log recording the time and date of each event. Print out the email message indicating to what address you sent it and when, along with any electronic return receipt, so you can show hard evidence of notifying the landlord of your concerns. This comprehensive approach makes it difficult for the landlord to claim that e-mails, letters or other notifications were never received. Concrete records as evidence help to destroy the believability of denials of getting notice.

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