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If It Involves Technology, It Can Be Tracked

Adultery is one of the primary reasons for divorce, and in fact is a crime in the state of New York. If you're contemplating divorce and infidelity is involved, get an assessment from an experienced matrimonial lawyer before you say or do anything that may impact your spouse or children. Before the rise of technology, divorce lawyers would look for a paper trail as evidence of cheating: credit card receipts, motel records, travel itineraries, etc. These days, the prevalence of technology makes it almost impossible to hide infidelity. Cell phone calls and text messaging records, e-mail and other types of electronic accounts, Internet chatting, browsing activity (including porn sites), and data on hard drives are all discoverable. It's a mistake to think anything can be completely erased - attorneys can hire forensic investigators who have methods of recovering the information. The discovery of infidelity is damaging enough, but once the unfaithful party is shown to be a liar, it does a great deal of damage to his or her case. That's why if the prospect of divorce is looming, before you make statements or do anything else, speak to a lawyer first. 

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