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How to Object

When you are at trial in Housing Court and the judge is hearing both sides of the case, you are entitled to object to any part of the landlord's testimony that is not relevant to the issues at hand. Simply say, "Objection!" The judge might immediately agree with you and "sustain" the objection, or can allow you to explain your reasons for objecting, and then either sustain or overrule it. If your objection is sustained, that part of the landlord's testimony will be struck from the record and cannot be used against you. Objecting effectively requires a fair amount of facility and knowledge, and is done best by good trial attorneys. However, if you can't afford counsel and are representing yourself, you'll want every legal advantage possible. Raising relevant objections can help your case.

Attention New York City Tenants: See this new page that has just been added to the McAdams Law main site on Bad Conditions .

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