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The "John Doe" Eviction

Litigating with your landlord, and ending up on the blacklist of names sold to tenant screening agencies, poses a serious danger to your future ability to rent affordably. In some instances, it may be possible to negotiate with the landlord to bring a proceeding against you in the name of John or Jane Doe, so that your name doesn't end up on the blacklist. It is likely to take the help of an experienced Tenants' attorney to get the landlord to agree to this, but if it can be done, staying off the blacklist is worth the cost of legal fees. For example, if you believe can reach a settlement before any court action begins, your attorney may be able to convince the landlord that he or she has little to lose by agreeing to this. This is an unusual approach that landlords don't often go along with, but when you're attempting to save your shelter and protect your future rent-worthiness, you try whatever legal approaches you can. 

Attention New York City Tenants: See this new page that has just been added to the McAdams Law main site on Bad Conditions .

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