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If You're Facing Eviction, You May Be Eligible for an Emergency Grant or Loan

Individuals and families who are about to be evicted due to rent arrears may be able to obtain a public assistance grant or loan. In New York, at least three emergency assistance programs are available from the Human Resources Administration: Emergency Assistance to Families, Emergency Assistance to Adults, and Emergency Safety Net Assistance. To get this help, you primarily need to show that you'll be able to pay future rent if you receive assistance now, and that you have no alternate housing. It's worth looking into if you've run out of other options. Call 311 and ask the operator for the local Public Assistance Office for your Zip Code. Also, in New York City, Catholic Charities and Northern Manhattan Improvement Corporation administer Federal Emergency Management Agency or "FEMA" grants of one month's rent to prevent eviction. There are other organizations with similar offers - the Citywide Taskforce on Housing Court (212-962-4795) provides referrals to charities that give financial assistance to tenants facing eviction. If you can scrape together the money for a consultation with a Tenants' lawyer, you may also get some good advice on buying yourself the extra time you might need to get everything coordinated. 

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