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How to Hire a New York Divorce Lawyer

Retaining the right matrimonial attorney can make the difference between whether you get a good outcome or not, and whether your case proceeds smoothly or turns into a costly nightmare. So what constitutes the "right" lawyer for you? Here are a few points to consider. Essentially, there are three basic criteria to evaluate.

First, how experienced is the individual in handling matrimonial and family law cases? If the firm doesn't have a solid track record of success with divorce cases, think twice before retaining.

Second, can you work comfortably with the person representing you? Going through a divorce will be one of the most stressful times of your life. You'll want someone whom you feel good about, and who is understanding and supportive. The chemistry has to be there. You can get a good sense of that during an initial consultation, which some attorneys offer for free.

Third, are the firm's fees within range of your budget? The last thing you need is a lawyer you can't really afford, or who may turn your divorce into a ridiculously expensive litigation boxing match.

You may want to speak to several practitioners before making up your mind.

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