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When to Pay the Court if Your Landlord Won't Accept Rent

Landlords sometimes refuse to accept payment of rent as a way of improving their chances of evicting you. In most Housing Court lawsuits for back rent due, unless there are adequate defenses, judges require either all or most of the arrears to be paid. If the landlord has obtained a judgment against you for past due rent, you will have to pay it within five days to avoid eviction. Get a receipt for your timely payment of the full judgment amount, or have proof that you sent it to the landlord, to be received before the five-day deadline expires. If the landlord does not accept payment or cash your check, you should immediately bring it to the attention of the court. In that instance, it would also be a good idea to get advice about your particular situation from a Tenants' lawyer. In some cases, if you can show that the landlord isn't accepting payment, it may be best to pay the amount due into court with a certified check, bank check or money order made out to the New York City Department of Finance. In this way you can stop the landlord from obtaining, or having a City Marshal execute, a warrant of eviction. You may still have to take additional steps in court to halt the eviction, but at least you will have the critical evidence you need for a judge to authorize it. 

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