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Did you help pay for your spouse's education? The Degree May Be a Marital Asset

There's a relatively common scenario among professional couples who later divorce. For example, let's say that during the marriage, the husband went to medical or law school, and obtained an expensive professional degree. While he was completing his studies, his wife worked and supported him, contributing to educational expenses, and even now participates in paying off his student loans. They decide to call it quits and get a divorce. His degree has an economic value and is considered by law to be a martial asset. Its value must be included in the couple's assets, to be equitably shared between them when they go their separate ways. If your spouse got a degree while you were married, your attorney can retain a financial expert to assess the value of your contribution and to assign a specific dollar value to it. In this way, your efforts will be compensated. The credit you receive may be more significant than you think. 

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