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Request a Housing Inspection

If you have a dispute with your landlord about conditions in your apartment or elsewhere in the building that need repair, you should collect evidence. Request a Housing Part Inspection the first time you're in court, whether you're suing or defending. When you sue for repairs under an "HP proceeding," the Court Clerk schedules the inspection, and a court date is assigned after the report is issued. The inspectors are from the Department of Housing, Preservation and Development. You can call 311 to complain and get an inspection for certain conditions that pose immediate danger to safety. Get a complaint number from the operator so you can follow up. Make sure you list every problem that needs to be addressed. Otherwise, it will probably not be included in the inspector's report. Inspectors can visit during daytime and evening hours, and on weekends. Be sure you or someone with authority meets the inspector. Once the inspection is complete, your landlord and the court will get a notice of violations. This is powerful proof of your claims.

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