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How to Deal With the Uncooperative Spouse Who Refuses To Sign Papers

In highly acrimonious divorces, in which parties have a great deal of bitterness and animosity towards each other, one and sometimes both partners can become completely uncooperative. A problematic manifestation of this behavior is a refusal to sign papers that permit things to move forward to completion. If you are having this difficulty with your spouse, the law has provisions for dealing with it. Principally, this involves making the court aware of you husband's or wife's uncooperative stance, and then making arrangements under court order to have papers personally served on the individual by a licensed process server. Once this is accomplished, the court can proceed as if the papers had been signed. You can assist in getting the papers properly served by letting your attorney know of your spouses routines, whereabouts and time schedules, so that the process server can find and serve him or her more easily. 

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