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Don't Be Uncooperative

A parent who is unwilling to foster a positive relationship between his or her spouse and their children ends up worse off legally. This has been demonstrated in case after case. Ultimately, the court is concerned about what is in the best interests of each child, and in securing the safest and most nurturing environment possible. When one parent attempts to destroy a child's relationship with the other parent, judges can respond swiftly and severely. In fact, simple absence of cooperation is frowned on, even if there's no overt attempt to alienate a son or daughter from a mother or father. Don't make disparaging remarks to your children about your husband or wife. If your spouse is entitled to visitation, encourage your kids to abide by its terms. In any custody dispute, this approach will equip your lawyer to make it clear to the court that you have the children's well-being at heart. In this way, you keep yourself in good standing from the law's perspective, which helps to guard your rights and protect your kids. 

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