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If You Agree To Move, Negotiate For Time and Money

If it looks like you're going to be evicted anyway, it may be a good idea to agree to move. If you do this you may avoid additional legal expenses and be able to negotiate for some advantages that make the whole process smoother and more convenient. It also might be possible to avoid blacklisting, which means you may save yourself the cost of a larger security deposit on your next rental, and avoid difficulty in finding another apartment. In attempting to reach a settlement with the landlord on terms, two variables to negotiate concessions on are time and money. You'll want enough time to find a new place to live. You can also ask the landlord to reduce or waive claims for outstanding rent. Landlords sometimes forfeit rent because they're happy to be rid of tenants they want to evict, without paying extra legal costs and risking further trouble. In addition, if your defenses are solid and the landlord thinks you'd be willing to move, you might even get moving costs. 

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