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Beware of Fast Divorce Promises

There are services advertised on the Internet that offer a fast divorce, sometimes at very low cost, if you agree to obtain it in another jurisdiction outside of New York State. Unfortunately, the courts of many states and countries, including New York, may not recognize these divorces as legal. This can lead to serious complications. Let's say you have obtained what amounts to an invalid divorce, and subsequently remarry. If you swear on official documents you are divorced to get a marriage license, you may have committed a crime without realizing it. If New York State does not recognize the divorce as legal and binding, you may be charged with the crime of bigamy, which is being married to more than one person simultaneously. It is also possible to be accused of adultery, still a crime in New York. The lesson is this: the quick cheap way can be the most costly, and may be dangerous. If you want to divorce, do things the safer way - hire an experienced New York matrimonial lawyer, and follow his or her advice. 

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