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Absence of Documents or Witnesses Can Adjourn a Case

If you need extra time to collect critical documents or to arrange for certain witnesses to appear, the Court may give you an adjournment. Judges are more likely to adjourn the matter if you subpoenaed the documents and witnesses - you've shown you tried to collect your evidence, and the delay isn't your fault. The necessary forms and instructions for subpoenas are available at the Clerk's office at Housing Court. Taking these steps might even buy you time to get together rent money you may owe. However, if you are having witnesses summoned and going to trial, your case has now become a more complex affair, and it would be in your best interests to consider retaining a Tenants' lawyer to represent you. When you're dealing with witnesses, too many things can go wrong that can sink your case. An attorney knows how to handle witnesses and use their testimony to your advantage. 

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