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If You're Not Careful, Running a New York City Home Business Can Lead to Eviction

The number of renters who work from their apartments is rising. Some tenants have moved an enterprise from commercial to residential space to cut expenses, while others have started a home business due to lost employment. Many landlords try to use this as a "reason" to evict. If you get a dispossess notice, citing a lease violation because you're running a business or professional practice in residential space, you'll need to prove that you are not breaching city statutes and codes. The landlord may also claim you're breaking city or state laws, are a nuisance to other tenants, creating security problems, or overloading building systems with extra traffic. If not effectively opposed, these assertions might result in eviction. Consult a Tenants' attorney before making any changes in your unit or its use that could be portrayed as burdening or endangering the building or its occupants, or that might raise an issue about zoning compliance. Of course, if your business operations are quiet and unobtrusive, you are less likely to come to the attention of the landlord to begin with. You can get more detail on this topic here .

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