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If Your Building is Foreclosed, Pay the Landlord Until Further Notice

If your building goes into foreclosure or bankruptcy, continue paying rent to the landlord until you receive legal notice to do otherwise. The court may appoint a receiver to collect the rent and maintain the property. Until then, in order to protect your rights as a tenant, send the rent to the landlord. Be sure to retain a copy of your payment with proof that it was paid. In certain instances, you may want to hold on to the money until the proceedings determine who should receive the rent. However, this is a decision best made with the advice of an attorney, since it's possible to jeopardize your tenancy if you don't pay. Unless the conditions have deteriorated, you owe the rent. But if services decline, as they sometimes do in these situations, it's worth it to consider organizing a Tenants' Association. Then all residents can contribute to retaining a Landlord Tenant attorney to guard your collective and individual rights. If conditions get really bad, you may want to initiate a rent strike, and bring a suit called an "HP" proceeding in Housing Court to get repairs. 

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