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If You Litigate, Be Ready to Answer Very Invasive Questions

Clients are often shocked and unsettled by questions raised in divorce proceedings, which probe into the most intimate details of their personal lives. That's the nature of litigation in domestic relations and family court cases, which is designed to bring all the relevant facts out in the open so the best judgment can be reached. This is why it's so important to avoid keeping secrets from your attorney. Your spouse's lawyer is likely to ask you about these private matters anyway, when you're under oath. Damaging information that arises under these circumstances can severely undermine your case. Had you provided the information to your lawyer in advance, it may have made a big difference in the recommended strategy and advice you received. Take advantage of the confidentiality afforded by attorney-client privilege, and discuss any potential landmines. That way you'll be prepared, be working with the most advantageous approach, and are unlikely to be derailed by opposing counsel. 

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