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Clutter is Cause for Eviction

What's a library to you, is a nuisance to the landlord. What you consider a bit of disorganization, the landlord considers a fire hazard...all those newspapers and magazines you have piled up around the apartment. As a general rule, you may not occupy your apartment in a manner that exposes the building or other tenants to danger without risking loss of your tenancy. Hazardous clutter is grounds for eviction. Some people have Collyer's Syndrome, a condition that generates hoarding behaviors they cannot stop without professional assistance. Sooner or later, the landlord, building super, or a repair person will need access to your unit. If the place looks as if it's beyond what could simply be considered ordinary sloppiness, you may get a "notice to cure," followed by a set of eviction papers. If that happens, be prepared to put your stuff in storage quickly, if you want to keep your apartment.

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