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School Stability Arguments are Powerful and Persuasive

Courts hold that preserving a stable environment for children when parents break up is critical. A key element to consider in your custody strategy is keeping your kids in the same school. Let's say your spouse or partner proposes to move, and doing so would necessitate a change of schools. If by your having custody they can remain where they are, your attorney can argue that because relocation would disrupt your children's well-being and overall adjustment, you would be the better custodial parent. These arguments can be very convincing for maintaining or changing which of you has custody, especially in conjunction with other factors related to keeping stability intact. Similarly, if you want to relocate, the argument can be used against you. The judge will want to know: Why do you want to move? Will it benefit the children? If so, how? Carefully evaluate the answers to those questions with your lawyer. It may make the difference in whether you win the custody arrangement you seek or not. Staying put, or at least postponing your move, may be best. 

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