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If You're Evicted, You Can Request Storage

In New York City, by law only a City Marshal or Sheriff can perform an actual eviction, based on a judgment and warrant the Court issues. The landlord has a choice of having the Marshal take "legal possession" of your apartment, or effecting a full eviction. Legal possession means changing the locks, full eviction means removing and storing your property. For full eviction, the City Marshal will usually hire a moving company to remove property from an apartment. If you get public assistance, you can receive up to five months' storage at public expense. If you're not receiving government benefits of this sort, you may have to pay the cost for storing your property. Under the law in NYC, the Marshal must inventory, tag, and store all items. Needless to say, there are few experiences in life more traumatic than being evicted from your home. This is why you if you are facing eviction, it is to your advantage to get the very best representation you can, even if you have to borrow the money for a Tenants' lawyer from a relative or friend.

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