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Scrutinize Process Server Records to Protect Yourself Against "Sewer Service"

Landlord Tenant law has strict requirements for how papers are to be served. Process servers are sometimes sloppy in adhering to the rules - this is called "sewer service." One effective method of having a case dismissed in an eviction proceeding is for your attorney to examine the process server's records, and then see if they are internally consistent. For example, the process server swears to a particular time that the papers were served on you, say at 9:00 in the evening. If records show that the previous set of papers he served on another litigant was at 8:45 that same night, but the prior location was 10 miles away, it's clear that the time he claims your papers were served can't be accurate. So his credibility is undermined with the court, which can be enough to get the landlord's case is thrown out. This buys you more time, and can result in other legal advantages. But it's probably not something you could easily do yourself, as a "pro se" litigant handling your own defense, since detailed legal research and cross-examination of the process server may be involved. 

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