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Emancipation, Deception and Child Support

New York State laws require parents to pay for a child's support to the age of 21, or until 'emancipation.' Your child is emancipated if he or she gets married, joins the military, or leaves home against your wishes with the intent of escaping supervision. A key element is whether the child is beyond the influence of parental control. While a judge can rule that your son or daughter is emancipated without being economically self-sufficient, his or her earnings will be strongly considered. Sometimes the parent with whom the child lived tries to hide the fact that he or she has moved out, because that can legally stop child support payments. Attempting to hide the truth is not a good idea for many reasons, as almost invariably it will come out. When it is revealed to the court, it can devastate the case of the custodial parent. Conversely, if you are the one paying child support and you are not in frequent direct contact with your kid, you'll want to keep abreast of living arrangements. 

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