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Sometimes a Landlord Tenant dispute involves injury to the occupants of an apartment. In addition to a Housing Court proceeding, a personal injury lawsuit may be indicated.

For example, low-level carbon monoxide poisoning can go undetected for an extended time, leading to various flu-like symptoms, and can pose a long-term health risk. This is similarly the case with exposure to toxic mold. In these instances, for the most effective representation, you'll likely need a Tenants' lawyer as well as a personal injury attorney.

An experienced Landlord Tenant practitioner can probably refer you to a qualified personal injury law firm, preferably one that has had success in handling your particular kind of claim.

If you have chronic health symptoms for which you are having a difficult time getting a clear diagnosis, you may want to consider environmental factors, and consult a physician with expertise in that specialty. Once the proper tests are done, it will be easier to distinguish if your illness has anything to do with your apartment, building or neighborhood.

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