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Domestic violence isn't just physical...

Under the law, just because you're not being physically assaulted doesn't mean that you aren't a victim of domestic violence. Legally, domestic violence has a broad definition. It incorporates threats, emotional degradation, withholding money and economic support, and other types of abuse. Intimidating behavior includes not only physical assault, but also threats to commit suicide, to report a spouse to a government agency such as the IRS or immigration authorities, to harm pets, etc. Psychological aspects of domestic violence extend to various forms of public humiliation, name-calling and an assortment of damaging mind-games. All of these descriptions are just a partial list, to give you a few examples. If you are subject to any treatment of this sort, give a detailed report to your lawyer. He or she can then determine how best to use the information to keep you safe and protect your legal interests. Do not be ashamed to discuss any facet of the problem with your attorney. The impulse to maintain secrecy is frequently the most insidious part of domestic violence. Men are frequently victims of psychological and sometimes even physical battery, sustaining injuries similar to those women do. 

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