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Do nothing, get nothing.

Spouses who have done little or nothing to obtain or contribute to the value of an asset often fight bitterly for it in a divorce. For example, let's say Mom or Dad left you a house after passing on, and you've lived there with your spouse. Unfortunately, over the years, your husband or wife did nothing to maintain or to increase the value of the property. You tended the garden. You built the new patio, paid for the pool or Jacuzzi, and made other improvements with pre-marriage money or an inheritance. If you can prove this in Court with sufficient evidence, your spouse may be out of luck in terms of getting a share of it. To a varying extent this can apply to any asset, so don't sell yourself short if the argument can be raised on your behalf. Give your lawyer the details, and he or she will determine if and how they can best be presented to the judge. 

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