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Anticipate your needs, or you may have to pay to your lease's last day

A lease sometimes includes additional services beyond the basic rental of the premises, such as a parking space in the building garage, or access to a health club. However, you may have to pay for them throughout the entire term, even if you discontinue use. An important element is whether the service is listed in your lease with a specific charge, separate from the apartment rental rate. In an unregulated lease, you can then escape extra charges at renewal. However, if it's a two-year lease, and at the end of the first year you decide you don't want the additional service, you may be stuck for another year. With a rent-stabilized lease, your landlord may try to claim that forgoing the extra charges disrupts your regulated status. So while it may be a good idea to include some ancillary services in a lease, be careful what you agree to.

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