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If your spouse is extravagant and wasteful, that may be good for you...finally.

Let's say that in your marriage, money flowed through your spouse's fingers like water. Years of one bad expenditure after another were commonplace, with his or her lavish tastes resulting in depletion of funds that should have been conserved. You fought many times to no avail, and were unable to convince him or her to mend these destructive ways. If you can demonstrate this has been an ongoing condition of your marriage, the Court may award you a significantly higher percentage of the marital assets, particularly if you have custody of the children. Also, if marital funds were used to pay off debts your spouse incurred individually, you may be entitled to a credit. Make a list of wasteful, unwarranted expenses to discuss with your divorce lawyer. If they can be substantiated and show a definite pattern of financial carelessness, your attorney may be able to make a powerful argument on your behalf. 

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