Why Hire A Landlord Tenant Lawyer?

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Why only hire a Tenants' attorney, for a Landlord Tenant case. A lawyer who doesn't practice Landlord Tenant law ("L&T law") can hurt you more than help you. So don't hire a criminal lawyer, a divorce lawyer, or a corporate lawyer to represent you in Housing Court. Tenants make this error all the time. The problem is these lawyers don't understand the detailed, technical practice of L&T law. They may know how to butt heads and haggle with the landlord's lawyer, but they don't know what your rights are.

Even attorneys who practice real estate law are often unfamiliar with the intricacies of Landlord Tenant law. Real estate attorneys generally handle the purchase and sale of residential and commercial property, which is completely different from what goes on in Housing Court. L&T law really is a distinct practice area.

Hiring the wrong lawyer can be the costliest decision of all. If your lawyer doesn't understand the complexities of Landlord Tenant law, you're at greater risk of losing your case. And you might end up paying legal fees for both your lawyer and your landlord's lawyer.

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