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These 23 case success stories are a small sampling of impressive results New York attorney Jeff McAdams has obtained over the past 20 years. As you read through them, notice the wide range of fact situations in which he has achieved outstanding resolutions and outcomes for clients.

Landlord Tenant Law:

A woman lost both parents and inherited the mobile home they owned in another state. She went to inspect the mobile home, and broke her hip while there. Due to the injury, she was unable to return to her apartment in New York City for eight months. When she finally did, her landlord sued for eviction claiming that her apartment was not her primary residence, even though she had lived in NYC all her life. Since the woman was legally blind, suffered from serious physical, mental and emotional disabilities, and was retired on a fixed income, her situation was perilous. Complicating matters further, she had filed her taxes from the state where the mobile home was located, leading other attorneys she consulted to say her case was hopeless. Yet Jeff negotiated a substantial buyout from her landlord. In additional, he got the landlord to cancel 16 months of back rent due, and to pay his client’s moving expenses. Being on more solid financial ground, the woman was now able to relocate as she had decided, and comfortably move on with her life.

In representing a tenants association against a landlord who neglected their building for some fifteen years, McAdams Law alerted the Court to these horrific conditions which existed at various times: the elevator was shut down more often than it worked, there was no heat or hot water, the building entrance would not lock, strangers loitered in the halls, bed bugs, roaches and mice infested the building, kitchen ranges leaked gas, refrigerators broke down, a tenant suffered carbon monoxide poisoning, a small child watched an intruder shoot his father dead in the public hallway, and disabled tenants had to move into nursing homes because the defective elevator trapped them in the building. While still in litigation, Jeff so far has been able to negotiate 44 settlements out of the 46 individual tenant cases involved in a rent strike against the landlord. An outstanding accomplishment, since the four previous law firms that represented the tenant’s group were unable to settle even one.

A landlord will sometimes create an “illusory tenancy,” pretending on paper to have a legitimate tenant-of-record in a rent-stabilized apartment. The false tenant then subleases the apartment to an actual tenant at a rent above the legally permitted rate. McAdams Law represented a client in these circumstances, and ultimately succeeded in gaining control of the apartment for him. Jeff forced the landlord and “illusory tenant” to pay over $15,000 in overcharges back to his client. He then got the rent adjusted to the legal rent-stabilized rate, which in this case was less than $400.

McAdams Law took over a case originally handled by another law firm, in which a woman lived with her elderly, non-English speaking parents and brother. They agreed to move out of their apartment, without any financial incentive. What the previous firm did not realize was that the family had rent-stabilized rights. There were multiple single-room occupancy (“SRO”) renters in the building, enabling it to meet the criteria for rent-stabilization protection. Even though there was a prior written agreement negotiated by her former attorney, which was almost impossible to break, Jeff petitioned the Court to override it, due to the unknown rent-stabilized rights. The result was winning a six-month extension for the woman and her family to find a new home, a waiver of rent, and a significant buyout payment. So although she agreed to move out and find another place with her family, she now had time and money to plan a better future, at a more leisurely, stress-free pace.

A client’s apartment was infested with bedbugs originating from other units. The landlord denied this, but tenants in other apartments complained about the very same problem. McAdams Law was able to prove the landlord’s denial was in fact untrue, and obtained a Court Order forcing him to clean the building and eliminate the infestation.

There are times when the City Marshal may be at fault, and several factors can combine to make a situation quite dangerous. In one case McAdams Law handled, a tenant was evicted without receiving a Marshal's notice. A Court Order had required the landlord to make repairs and gave a judgment against the tenant, requiring payment. The landlord did not complete the work, but orally gave the tenant an extension of time to pay. Then without notifying the tenant, the landlord sneakily used the judgment and evicted him. McAdams Law took the case after he was evicted, and got him back into the apartment by showing the Court that he had been duped, and had all the money the landlord was entitled to.

Working with another lawyer, Jeff McAdams kept a building from evicting a Holocaust survivor suffering from Alzheimer's disease. The Judge stayed a nonpayment proceeding until a guardian of her property was appointed. The guardian then transferred ownership of a house the client owned to her daughter, so that the daughter could mortgage it and pay the rent arrears. This case is a good example of how an experienced Tenants’ attorney can help with buying time until a problem can be solved

McAdams Law went to trial for a woman whose formerly friendly neighbors turned against her. She was never given the chance to buy an apartment when the building went co-op under an eviction plan. This violated several requirements and laws. Still, the co-op claimed she was no longer a rent-stabilized tenant, and they could terminate her tenancy at the end of her lease. Jeff defeated the co-op in two eviction attempts. Her neighbors then initiated a third action, which was settled by negotiating for her to buy the apartment at a substantially discounted price.

An unscrupulous landlord removed the joists under the floors in a client’s apartment, and replaced them with defective brackets. The floors began to sag. Cracks developed that were literally large enough for the client to see through to the apartment below. Conditions were very unsafe. McAdams Law sued and forced the landlord to give a substantial amount of free rent, to pay attorneys fees, and to move his clients to a newly renovated apartment in a safe building while they repaired the floors.

McAdams Law represented a tenant in a luxury high-rise, who complained about defective elevators and oil spills. In retaliation, the landlord did not renew his lease. Jeff went to Court, raised the defense of illegal retaliatory eviction and bought time for his client to move out. He was able to find a new, more suitable home without feeling rushed and pressured.

Jeff McAdams successfully negotiated a buyout agreement for a tenant who was being pressured by his landlord to move, so that the apartment could be converted into commercial space at a much higher rent. The client attempted to handle the negotiations on his own and was getting nowhere. When McAdams Law finally stepped in, the client received a lucrative $79,000 offer to vacate the premises, which he gladly accepted.

Matrimonial Law:

The mother of a ten-year old daughter was initially receiving only $350.00 a month in child support from her ex-spouse, under a prior divorce settlement. Jeff took over her Family Court case after she discovered her former husband declared in excess of $300,000 annual income from his international commodities exchange business. McAdams Law pursued upward modification of his child support obligation, challenging his “explanation” for why the company went out of business. The end result: the husband agreed to pay her attorney’s fees, the child’s private education through high school, college, and graduate school, and to increase his monthly child support payments by a multiple of five.

McAdams Law represented a woman whose husband suffered from bipolar disorder, a form of depression. They had a long marriage and an adult daughter. Jeff assisted in equitably dividing marital property that included three houses in Queens. The wife got title to one of the houses wholly in her name, and sold another house to get her half of the value. In all other respects, they went their separate ways. This case is a good example of how skillful negotiation can avoid litigation expenses and result in a clean, cost-effective resolution for the client.

Jeff obtained a winning settlement in a difficult case for a father in his thirties, who engaged in cross-dressing and taking feminine hormones. In addition to suffering from depression and a heart condition, his financial situation worsened when his wife threw him out and he lost his job. His wife’s lawyer demanded child support beyond his means and sought to severely curtail his parental rights. McAdams Law negotiated an agreement in which he would not discuss his cross-dressing or hormones with the children, or to expose them to it in any way. Jeff protected his share of the marital home, and got child support payments limited to the legal amounts he could afford to pay when he found a new job. This enabled him to get back on his feet and to maintain a relationship with his kids.

Jeff negotiated significant advantages for a wife with bipolar disorder. There were no children. McAdams Law obtained a divorce settlement after a five-year marriage, in which the husband bought out her fifty percent interest in their marital home, and agreed to pay her maintenance until she finished her masters degree. This is an example of negotiating excellent, meaningful benefits for a client, while avoiding the exorbitant costs of unnecessary court battles.

In a case involving educational costs, McAdams Law acted on behalf of a husband who owned a house and earned a large salary. His wife had a smaller income, but owned valuable properties. The firm negotiated an arrangement in which the parties divided ownership of their properties, and reached an equitable agreement for the payment of their son’s training and educational expenses. Although there were still outstanding issues to be resolved, the settlement ensured the child’s education, which was important to both parents. This case demonstrates how a careful assessment of common interests can lead to a favorable settlement, and economize on legal fees than might otherwise be wasted in numerous court fights.

Family Law:

Jeff represented a woman whose husband was a cab driver. They had a daughter and he was required to pay child support. He was paid in cash and claimed poverty, refusing to honor his obligation. In addition, the wife claimed he sexually abused her younger sister, and obtained an order of protection commanding him to stay away from her and their daughter. He then violated the order and was arrested. McAdams Law discovered he owned two cars and a restaurant, and served papers on him while he was in jail. The outcome was that Jeff triumphed for his client, compelling the husband to pay substantially more in child support than he claimed to earn on his tax returns.

A knowledgeable matrimonial and family law practitioner can sometimes win major advantages solely with skillful handling of procedural issues. A husband was embroiled in a child support lawsuit that had already dragged on for seven years. He was arrested for being in arrears on child support payments. He then retained Jeff, who proved he’d never received the Family Court papers, and got the case dismissed and judgment voided. The client was released from jail, and saved tens of thousands of dollars.

People who divorce often make serious errors of judgment when their children are missing or in danger. Jeff represented a mother whose husband kidnapped their children and held them for ransom. He was a drug dealer, and told her he would only return them if she transported a shipment of narcotics for him. In desperation she agreed, and moved the drugs out-of-state. She got caught, then jumped bail and was a fugitive for seven years. At the time McAdams Law took the case, she had been re-arrested on a federal warrant, and was facing a potential sentence of over 40 years in Federal Prison. Jeff made an impassioned argument to the Court, explaining her family history and motivation to recover her children. The result was that he saved her from a terrible fate. The Judge reduced her sentence to just six months of house arrest and five years on probation.

McAdams Law represented a father in a child support case in which he was still being billed by the Child Support Collection Agency, after his children had all exceeded the age of twenty-one. His driver’s license, and a professional license and privileges were suspended by the agency. Jeff stopped the child collection order, and had all licenses and privileges reinstated. The firm also obtained a Court ruling that stipulated he did not owe his former spouse any more money.

In a case against an unmarried father of an eight-year-old child, McAdams Law obtained a temporary order of support just days before he left New York to move south. By vigilantly following the father and maintaining control over the case, the firm was able to have the amount of support increased, and solidified his commitment with a decree of support when he finally obtained steady work. The woman Jeff represented was delighted with the result, because now she was free of the undue financial pressure she feared, and could pay the costs of raising her child more easily.

Real Estate:

In a case in which a co-op board attempted to evict a client on multiple occasions, McAdams Law negotiated a purchase of an apartment at an excellent price for his client. Then the attorneys representing the co-op attempted to deliver a deed at closing with language that inadequately conveyed full rights to the property. Jeff insisted that the wording be changed to fully protect the client’s ownership interests. The sellers complied, the deal was successfully completed and the client was very happy with the purchase.

A client owned a three-family property on which there was a mortgage and home improvement loan. The client fell in arrears and the bank attempted to foreclose. Jeff was able to negotiate a refinancing arrangement for the client, which allowed her to escape the foreclosure proceedings and keep her home.

Clients, Judges and attorneys alike have all been impressed with Jeff McAdams’ extensive knowledge, courtroom skill and dedication. Call today to find out how he can help you with your case. You can reach him for a FREE initial telephone consultation at 212-406-5145.

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