“the most potent weapon tenants have against
an unscrupulous landlord is the rent strike…”

This is what Jeffrey McAdams tells tenants who are living with horrendous conditions and dealing with an inattentive, uncooperative landlord. In fact, the dreaded rent strike is the only legal tool that almost always induces fear in even the most callous landlords.

As a New York Tenant’s lawyer who has successfully handled numerous rent strikes, Jeff knows how to coordinate them effectively and to get results for clients.

If you and other tenants in your building are suffering under any of the following adverse conditions, consider having Jeff visit the premises and speak to you as a group. This is a list of common, building-wide complaints that can legally justify a collective withholding of rent from the landlord, until they are corrected:

  • broken elevators
  • no heat or hot water, or frequent breakdowns in systems that supply them
  • roach, mice, rat and other infestation
  • building security issues, such as non-functioning entrance locks, buzzers or intercoms
  • gas leaks
  • plumbing and sewage problems
  • intermittent garbage disposal
  • illegal drug dealing activity in the building
  • loitering in the halls
  • defective appliances the landlord is responsible for

Here are two articles Jeff wrote on what you need to do to get started. They detail practical information, tips and guidelines you can put into action immediately:

How to Organize a Rent Strike:
A Superior Strategy for Hard Times – Part 1

How to Organize a Rent Strike:
A Superior Strategy for Hard Times –Part 2

Don’t let the landlord push you around. Don’t pay your hard-earned rent money for services that aren’t provided, but to which you are legally entitled. Find out about getting representation for your building today.

Call McAdams Law for a FREE initial phone consultation about organizing a rent strike for your building. You can reach Jeff McAdams, Esq. at 212-406-5145.

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