How an integrated law practice
gives you superior legal protection.

Today the law is more complex than ever before. Legal problems often involve several different practice areas, and in some instances can have serious implications for the future, even with a supposedly “successful” outcome. McAdams Law maintains an integrated law practice. That means the firm is equipped to represent clients in a variety of matters that often involve one another. In this way, all relevant issues can be addressed to minimize or eliminate future difficulties, giving you stronger legal protection.

For example, did you know that in New York City a divorce case almost always involves landlord tenant issues, if the couple rents an apartment? Or that fighting with a landlord in Housing Court can result in a report about your case being sent to background checking agencies, making it more difficult for you to rent a new apartment in the future?

Intricate legal issues like these require sophisticated representation for you to get an excellent outcome. New York attorney Jeff McAdams has extensive, proven, successful experience in each of these practice areas, and that’s why you get better legal protection with McAdams Law handling your case.

Here’s an overview of the practice. You can learn more about Jeff’s approach and success with each type of case by clicking on the link:

Landlord Tenant Law: As one of New York City’s most experienced and respected landlord tenant lawyers, Jeff McAdams has been defending individual tenant rights for 20 years. A rent-regulated apartment is an extremely valuable asset nowadays. Unfortunately, there’s a war going on between landlords and tenants that has resulted in a dangerous deterioration of tenant rights and protections. Discover how to secure your tenant rights here .

Matrimonial Law: There is almost no other human experience as economically and emotionally devastating as a divorce. McAdams Law approaches each case with the foremost goal of keeping you financially intact, and protecting your children. Divorce and custody cases draw in a broad range of complex issues that require careful handling to achieve the best possible result. Learn more about the firm’s philosophy and successes here .

Family Law: Cases that involve children require special sensitivity, knowledge and experience. The decisions you make right now about child support, custody and shared parenting issues will affect your children for years to come, and shape the direction of their future. You can read about special strategies the firm uses to achieve maximum benefit for your children throughout the divorce process and beyond here .

Real Estate: McAdams Law provides clean, careful work for all real estate closings. Sadly, some law firms have adopted a “closing mill” mentality in handling property transfers, putting clients at serious risk for future legal difficulties. Jeff McAdams feels that even the most basic legal transactions deserve thorough investigation and preparation. Find out more about why it’s vital to have competent representation, and how McAdams Law guards your property interests when you buy or sell an apartment, house or commercial building. Click here .

"…If you retain Jeff, you have a fighter, someone who’ll go the distance no matter what. He is righteous and will defend you tooth and nail. Behind the kind demeanor is a bull. Not only are you getting a lawyer, you’re getting a friend. I could write a book on our last five years. I wouldn’t trade him as my lawyer for the world…A super lawyer, he know’s what he’s doing and is very thorough…He’s incredible."

Lawrence Lithgow, President, Caoba, New York City

You can learn more about Jeff McAdams’ case-winning wisdom through his new Special Reports series. Each one details practical strategies you can apply immediately to guard your legal rights. Recent publications include:

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