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Landlord-Tenant Disputes Archives

Protecting tenants' rights against powerful landlords

New York has a large amount of rental properties and apartments. Many, many people rent their homes and it is a way of life for these people. These apartment buildings are operated by landlords, who run these as their business. These apartment buildings are how they make their money. Therefore, they have many incentives to bend or break the rules in order to make more money.

Realty management company pays major fines for violations

From time to time things break down for people in New York. People understand this happens and when it does most people want to ensure those things are fixed or replaced. If it is personal property, the person is responsible for doing this. However, if there is something wrong in the person's apartment or in the apartment building, the expectation is that the landlord will fix or replace the problem. If fact, there are certain things that the landlord is legally responsible for fixing.

Remedies for victims of illusory subleases in New York

Renting apartments in New York is a business for landlords. This is generally how they make their living. As in any business there are always people who try to make an extra buck by cutting costs or attempting to take advantage of others. Landlords are not different. Many of them follow the rules and provide fine places for people to live, but there are others who are simply trying to make extra money even if it means that they are breaking rules and ultimately taking advantage of tenants. This leads to landlord/tenant disputes.

Can victims of domestic violence terminate a lease?

People tend to rent apartments with significant others and family members in New York. Family members and significant others get into arguments and fights from time to time. Most of the time these fights or arguments are verbal in nature. However, sometimes, these fights turn violent and one person ends up being the victim of domestic violence. If people are the victims of domestic violence, ensuring their safety is usually their top concern.

Landlords are required to provide safety devices for tenants

One place that people in New York expect to be safe is in their own apartments or apartment buildings. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes there are fires or an unauthorized individual enters the building and robs someone or assaults them in some way. This should never happen and while sometimes there is nothing anyone can do to prevent these bad things from happening, there are certain safety precautions that people can take to prevent them from happening.

New law recognizes tenants' need for lawyers in housing court

There are many rules in New York that are meant to protect tenants' rights and protect them from abuse from landlords. However, many tenants do not know their rights or what landlords can and cannot do to tenants. Also, many are unaware of certain services that landlords are required to provide to tenants. Most importantly many tenants do not know what they can do when they receive an eviction notice or find themselves in a landlord-tenant dispute.

What are the landlord-tenant rules without a current lease?

There are many different types of lease agreements in New York. There are some things that all leases cannot legally do and there are certain tenant protections regardless of what a lease states. However, leases vary in length, renewal process, amount of rent, termination process and other terms governing the landlord/tenant relationship and potential landlord-tenant disputes. If it is a rent stabilized housing unit, there must be a current lease, but this is not true if the building is not rent stabilized.

Landlords in New York cannot harass commercial tenants

There are many people renting in New York. So, there are many landlords and many tenants. Most people think about people living in apartments when they think about landlord and tenants, but there are also many businesses who rent from landlords as well. Residential tenants have many more rights than commercial tenants though since there is a difference between one's home and one's business. However, commercial tenants do still have some rights and if they are violated they can lead to landlord-tenant disputes.

Utilities that landlords must keep on in New York

As people in New York know, the seasons bring extreme differences to the area. The summers can be very hot and humid while the winters can bring snow, ice and subfreezing temperatures. During the winter months it is essential that people have heat in their apartments, not only to live comfortably, but also simply to avoid serious health complications. So, it is essential that utility bills are paid and the heat stays on.

Being a good tenant is beneficial for both renters and landlords

You have done your research and are ready to get into that perfect New York rental. You've checked prices and decided on a location. You've called the landlord and set up an appointment to check the place out. If the space is what you expect, you are ready to sign the lease. You are excited and ready to get into your new home.

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