McAdams’ Precepts

Over many years of representing people, Jeff McAdams has noticed some important ideas and principles that arise continually in litigation and life. They’ve helped Jeff win cases, and clients have a better future. Perhaps you too will find these 21 concepts valuable.

  1. Guard your ground, lest lawless poachers rob your rights.
  2. Negotiate if you can, fight if you have to.
  3. If you have to litigate, hit first, fast, and hard.
  4. Silence doesn’t betray strategy.
  5. Throwing money at a legal problem isn’t a solution, it’s a delay.
  6. The waters appear calm while the shark still hunts for dinner.
  7. Court battle is like chess – you only win if you anticipate each move.
  8. Luck favors boldness, strength and virtue.
  9. Lost time, energy and money can cost you more than winning is worth.
  10. Fair deals avoid future fights.
  11. Concentrate on what counts.
  12. Calm saves what rashness destroys. If you keep perspective, you won’t overreact.
  13. Friendship, courtesy and civility often vanish when prospect of gain appears.
  14. Better informed is a better chance of winning.
  15. Problems ignored tend to get worse.
  16. Too fast is as bad as too slow.
  17. A wolf’s nature does not change.
  18. The biggest mistake is not correcting the mistake.
  19. Brash action on the battlefield of doubt is laden with danger.
  20. Ignoring reality doesn’t change it.
  21. Be as nice as you can, and as tough as need to.
There’s one other key idea Jeff makes a point of living by. Here it is: Always give generously to those less fortunate than you. Whatever you do, returns to you.

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