How to protect your rapidly
deteriorating tenant rights.

It takes a tough lawyer to contend with a hostile landlord’s snarling fangs. It’s terrifying when your shelter is threatened. The outcome of your case may determine whether or not you have an affordable roof over your head. That’s why you need an experienced landlord tenant lawyer to protect your rights.

Attorney Jeff McAdams is well known as one of New York City’s leading landlord tenant practitioners, and has defended tenant rights for the past 20 years.

Here’s what one satisfied client said about his experience with Jeff McAdams:

"…a thoroughly sound and impressive attorney, who is relentless in the pursuit of justice for his clients. I would highly recommend Mr. McAdams as an attorney for any tenant beset by a difficult landlord‑tenant matter, and in fact have had the pleasure of being advised and represented by him on numerous occasions, always to my complete satisfaction."

Ronald Illardo, New York City

Housing Court increasingly favors landlords over tenants, and it has become much more difficult for tenants to assert their rights. If you live in a rent-regulated apartment, your landlord has a greater financial incentive to evict you than ever before. It’s a dangerous time for tenants.

You can learn more about the current perilous legal environment in a new emergency Special Report published by McAdams Law. It’s called How to Protect Yourself Against a Ruthless, Greedy Landlord , and details 30 specific strategies you can use to protect your rights. It’s free. Get your copy here .

McAdams Law helps clients with these and other landlord tenant issues:

  • unlawful eviction
  • rent overcharges
  • landlord’s obligation to make repairs
  • unsafe conditions
  • litigation in Housing Court
  • rent stabilization and rent control protections
  • appearances at the Division of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR)
  • appearances at the Department of Housing, Preservation and Development (HPD)
  • lease violations
  • lease non-renewals
  • sublets
  • abatement actions for rent reduction
  • succession rights
  • lease provisions about pets
  • blacklisting
  • buyouts
  • Marshal’s notices
  • Supreme Court actions
  • residential nonpayment and holdover proceedings
  • rent freeze for senior citizens and the disabled
  • second opinions for all landlord tenant matters
  • appeals

If you’re not careful, you can be
railroaded into losing your rights.

Tenants are being victimized today at an alarmingly accelerated rate. Landlords sometimes do terrible things, blatantly disregarding tenant rights and completely violating the law. Here’s a case example in which Jeff helped a client who was tricked by an unscrupulous landlord:

The landlord was required by Housing Court to make long overdue repairs, and obtained an extension of time in which to complete them. In addition, he verbally gave the tenant an extended period to pay the rent he had been withholding. Then without warning, he sneakily initiated legal action against the tenant for non-payment, resulting in an unlawful eviction from his apartment. Jeff got his client back into his home by showing the Court that he’d been duped, and had all the money the landlord would have been entitled to had he finished the promised repairs.

Here’s a comment from another satisfied client:

"…Thanks for helping me slay the dragon! What I ended up with was better than my best-case scenario: I was relieved of the debt they claimed against me, and the “undertenants” get to stay for 3 ½ more months."

Robert, New York City

Imagine your landlord thinking he or she can get away with the way you’re being treated, and finding out there’s no such possibility. Call McAdams Law today to find out about your rights. You can reach Jeff McAdams at 212-406-5145.

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