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If you’re getting divorced and have children, custody issues may require you to appear in Family Court. Child custody matters are easily the most complex and emotionally wrenching aspect of any matrimonial case. Tensions often run high and mistakes can have serious long-term consequences, both for the well-being of your children and your financial stability.

New York family law attorney Jeff McAdams often takes on complex, conflict-ridden cases and achieves excellent results for clients. Here’s an example of the range of complicated issues that can arise:

Jeff represented a woman whose husband was a cab driver. He was paid in cash and claimed poverty. They had a daughter and he was obligated to pay child support. The wife claimed he sexually abused her younger sister, and obtained an order of protection commanding him to stay away from her and the daughter. He violated the order and was arrested. The firm discovered he owned two cars and had a restaurant, and served papers on him while he was in jail. The outcome: McAdams triumphed for his client. The husband agreed to pay substantially more in child support than he claimed to earn on his tax returns.

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McAdams Law helps clients with these and other family law issues:

  • enforcement of spousal support and child support obligations
  • Child Support Collection Agency proceedings
  • paternity hearings
  • relocation
  • grandparent visitation
  • child abuse and neglect of children
  • Child Protective Services investigations
  • interstate and international custody disputes
  • guardianship proceedings
  • child abduction or kidnapping
  • adoption
  • appeals

A knowledgeable family law practitioner can sometimes win major advantages solely with skillful handling of procedural issues. That means you save money because you avoid long, costly litigation. Here’s a case Jeff handled like that:

A husband was embroiled in a child support lawsuit that had already dragged on for seven years. He was arrested for being in arrears on child support payments. He then retained Jeff, who proved he’d never received the Family Court papers, and got the case dismissed and judgment voided. The client was released from jail, and saved tens of thousands of dollars.

Protect your children and yourself with strong, experienced and proven representation. When your children’s future is on the line, or you’re facing serious legal difficulties yourself, the sooner you find out facts and take action, the better.

Call for a free consultation with attorney Jeff McAdams. You’ll feel 100% better by learning your rights and having more clarity on your situation. The number is 212-406-5145.

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